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About Punto del Caffe


Punto Del Caffe Coffe Cupunto del Caffé is an one stop coffee shop for business and for home. Here in Punto del Caffé we treat coffee as it should be. Like a creation which deserves respect, consequence and professionalism. We believe that all of our customers, either they buy coffee for home use or for business, they all have specific needs. And these include unique coffee quality in affordable prices and on time delivery anywhere they are. It sounds simple and we make it real. We are passionate about authentic coffee and we believe anyone should have access to authentic Neapolitan coffee. We also believe that aging is for wine and not for coffee, so we are in direct contact with our partners to receive as fresh products as possible.

South Italy offers a variety of exceptional blends of real Italian coffee, and the best equipment to produce it and to serve it. Either you want espresso E.S.E pods or coffee beans to produce directly a fresh cup of coffee for yourself and your family we can guarantee the greatest variety of Italian coffee blends. Our coffee machines are all made in Italy and their purpose is to deliver fresh coffee to you or you clients.

Every single product that you see is already available in our distribution center and can be delivered to you as soon as possible. Espresso pods, or, Easy Serving Espresso or E.S.E. pods, are paper round pouches filled with 7g of ground roasted coffee and they have been made to simplify the preparation of a very good quality espresso. The diameter of an E.S.E. pod is 45mm and you only open it when you intend to use it. This way your coffee keeps its aroma always fresh. In addition the E.S.E. pods coffee machines are very easy to be cleaned unlike common espresso machines. More information about E.S.E. pods can be found on the Easy Serving Espresso Consortium standard.

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