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Expresso products exclusivity

Expresso products exclusivity

Expresso sole representative in Greece


xpresso is one of the newest Italian brands to appear in the coffee markets. Created to suit any consumer’s lifestyle and special needs, Expresso offers a variety of espresso products, focusing on the preservation of their flavor and intense aroma. These products, including Expresso refined and elegant coffee accessories can now be found through Punto Del Caffe, Expresso sole representative in Greece. Punto Del Caffe is the only shop that offers you a wonderful collection of Expresso products, including ground coffee, espresso coffee pods, espresso capsules, flavored syrups, as well as the Italian most favorite coffee alternative beverage, Orzo. Punto Del Caffe is the only one in Greece who has Expresso products exclusivity such as Expresso Orzo Coffee Machine, as well as a selection of collective coffee cups, certain to meet with the needs of anyone who enjoys both elegance and quality in their every day espresso.

Full-bodied and perfectly balanced, Expresso coffee blends captivate the consumer with their alluring aroma and their lingering, satisfying taste. The wide variety of products include classic coffee blends with a strong taste, gold quality blends for a creamy and intense flavored espresso, decaffeinated mixtures, meeting the needs of the consumers who look for an alternative lighter coffee beverage, as well as flavored blends for customers who enjoy an extra taste and a touch of luxury in their coffee, like ginseng, chocolate or hazelnut.

Expresso History

The company was recently founded in the historic city of Naples, globally known for its tradition in making high quality coffee blends. Dedicated in offering coffee mixtures that combine excellent taste, aroma and quality, Expresso has been searching for the finest materials as well as the best and most flavorful Arabica coffee beans in order to create an espresso worthy of the original, unsurpassed, Italian tradition and expertise.


About Miltos Charousis

I'm Miltos Charousis and I'm the owner of Punto del Caffe online shop. We provide extra ordinary coffee flavors, coffee machines and accessories. We are the exclusive representative of Expresso, TO.DA and Miscela D' Oro coffee brands in Greece.

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