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One of the Representatives of Miscela D’Oro in Greece

One of the Representatives of Miscela D’Oro in Greece

About Miscela D’Oro


iscela D’ Oro, one of the world’s finest and most experienced coffee companies, originates back in 1946, at Messina in Italy. There Umberto Urbano and his wife created a small coffee workshop, roasting coffee beans and continuously learning and experimenting on what constitutes a good quality coffee. They aimed at the deeper understanding of the customer needs, searching for the finest quality of coffee beans and creating rich and tasteful blends. Then it wasn’t long until this small family business expanded into a large, three-generation coffee company that signatures the original Sicilian espresso elegance.

Miscela D’Oro first big success came in the 1970s when, Francesco Urbano, in his attempt to reach the further national markets, created the “5 miscele” blend, endowing the company with a innovative advertising and competitive brand name. In the 1980s, following the rapid social and marketing developments, the company adapted to the new changes becoming more industrialized and acquiring new equipment that ensured both the efficiency as well as the intense aroma and the high quality in the roasting and packing of the coffee beans. The success of the company continued in the 1990s by extending to the foreign markets, continuously adapting to the ever changing customer needs. The long tradition, the love for experimenting and the desire to offer a high quality espresso make Miscela D’ Oro one of the most trusted and guaranteed coffee brands in the market. Miscela Doro products are always based on the customer needs.

Miscela D’Oro @ Punto Del Caffe

Punto Del Caffe, being one of the representatives in Greece, brings you the unique and trusted quality of the Miscela D’Oro espresso coffee, offering a wide range of products including Gusto Classico, Espresso Classic Single and Single Decaffeinated Espresso Pods. Punto Del Caffe is the only place where you can find Miscela D’Oro espresso accessories kit, Gran Crema and Gran Aroma Coffee Beans, as well the delicious chocolate. And there’s more to come on our online store. Buy here Miscela D’Oro products or subscribe to the newest Miscela DOro products rss.


About Miltos Charousis

I'm Miltos Charousis and I'm the owner of Punto del Caffe online shop. We provide extra ordinary coffee flavors, coffee machines and accessories. We are the exclusive representative of Expresso, TO.DA and Miscela D' Oro coffee brands in Greece.

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