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C | Expresso – Classic Quality | 150 pods

28.40 με Φ.Π.Α. 22.90 χωρίς Φ.Π.Α. (τιμή χονδρικής)

Expresso high quality and expertise combined in a classic, traditional Neapolitan coffee blend. Surrender to a superb, full-bodied coffee mixture, with a strong taste, a satisfying, intense aroma and a pleasurable aftertaste. According to your own needs, the package may be purchased with or without the accessories and contains 1.05Kg of 150 classic coffee pods. Each pod contains 7g coffee by Expresso.

Weight 1.05 kg

Each Pod

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I'm Miltos Charousis and I'm the owner of Punto del Caffe online shop. We provide extra ordinary coffee flavors, coffee machines and accessories. We are the exclusive representative of Expresso, TO.DA and Miscela D' Oro coffee brands in Greece.

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