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B|SPM NINA 2 Hot & Cold| Hot Beverage – Sorbet & Cold Cream Machine

1,109.80 με Φ.Π.Α. 895.00 χωρίς Φ.Π.Α. (τιμή χονδρικής)

SPM NINA 2 Hot&Cold is a mini dispenser with two tanks offering hot beverages as well as sorbets and cold creams like crema fredda. Its small size and its ability to combine different flavors and hot/cold beverages in the same machine make NINA 2 Hot&Cold a versatile and practical equipment.

Its two tanks have 2-litre capacity in order to limit waste and provide high product rotation, operating completely independently from each other. The LED-illuminated front keypad can be used to set the temperature and the defrost mode.

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 39 x 28 x 48 cm

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